Lauren Baker

A creative space showcasing the dynamic work of Lauren Baker, a mix of abstract and contemporary pieces inspired by the beauty and power of the ocean.

Lauren Baker At Sea

About Lauren Baker

I rediscovered my passion for art after a personal trauma which lead me to find solace, putting paintbrush to canvas. My work has an overwhelming presence of calm, as I interlace smooth brush strokes with texture and body, which creates a collection of work best described as abstract with a contemporary twist. I feel that my work is broad enough to allow for individual interpretation and resonance.

'Bolt Tail' Painting in Frame

My Gallery

My gallery exhibits an abstract and also contemporary collection of seascapes, exploring the beauty and serenity of the ocean, capitalising on soft harmonious palettes with splashes of vibrancy, subtle textures and gentle brush strokes. A collection that is mindful, placid in tone but uplifting at the same time.

'Blue Sands' Painting

Buy a Painting

To enquire about a particular piece, or a bespoke commission, please do contact me.

Simon Rogers, Norwich

‘I love waking up to see Lauren’s art every morning on the wall. So simple, so beautiful.’

Max Sellers, Chichester

‘Can’t thank Lauren enough for my painting, it’s everything and more than what I was expecting. I’m blown away by the talent Lauren has.’

Amelia Allen, Oxford

‘The seascape comission that Lauren did for my birthday is absolutely gorgeous! It gives such a calm vibe to the room – I adore it and get so many compliments. Thank you so much Lauren’

Hannah Taylor, West Sussex

‘Words can’t describe how much I love my painting. Lauren is unbelievably talented and it’s been amazing seeing her grow as an artist!’

Poppy Hebben, Devon

‘My painting by Lauren is beautiful and holds a very special place In my heart. It’s of excellent quality and the service was faultless. It was delivered safely and quickly and sits pride of place in my kitchen. I would recommend Lauren to any of my friends!’

Lisa Grub, Wimbledon

‘Lauren is an amazing artist. We love both of her paintings so much, thank you!’

James Elliot-Hughes, Farnham

‘Lauren was incredibly attentive throughout the commissioning process, and ensured every request was met. This made for an incredibly smooth and cost effective process…